Small Groups

David & Diane Warren

Life Application

This group meets each Sunday night at 6:30 pm at SCF. This group is transitioning from the sermon-based discussion format to a format that will include Bible study and discussion – somestimes mixed with video lessons. Beginning October 21st the group will start a study using video and printed material from Ray Vander Laan’s “That the World May Know” series. 
Like the Roman Empire, today’s governments or organizations can become centered on power and believe their messages are the “good news”. As Christians, we’re called to proclaim God’s name in all the earth (1 Chronicles 16:8), but how do we do that in the midst of false gospels? In the fifteenth volume of “That the World May Know”, discover how Paul communicated the Good News of Christ to Philippi, a Roman colony that worshiped false gods. Can you live the message as Paul did while he encouraged the church in Philippi to consider itself a colony of heaven–as Ray Vander Laan takes you deeper into the culture of ancient Philippi. Experience the Bible in historical context as you walk in the footsteps of the second missionary tour of the Apostle Paul in Greece – in locations like Philippi, Thessaloniki, and Delphi. 

Mike & Sharon Savinsky

DivorceCare/Smart Stepfamilies: Because Marriage Ministry is NOT Enough

Smart Stepfamilies – Many people are surprised to hear us make the above statement, but over a decade of specializing in stepfamily ministry has taught us that it is the truth: typical marriage education programs and ministries are not sufficient for couples in stepfamilies. Since marriage in a stepfamily is a “package deal” you must minister to both the couple and “the package.” This means addressing dynamics related to ex-spouses and co-parenting, loss, stepparenting, spiritual shame, finances, and the expectations of both children and adults–just to name a few. To do anything less is grossly inadequate to prevent divorce. If you’re involved in a stepfamily and need help and encouragement this is a small group for you.
DivorceCare – 
Please contact us as to when the next DivorceCare will be starting. 
Smart Stepfamilies – 
Please contact us as to when the next Smart Stepfamilies will be starting. 
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Jim Robert 

2:7 Series 

Meets Thursdays 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the home of the host.

What is the significance of the name The 2:7 Series®? The name is based on the Scripture reference Colossians 2:7—the statement of the Apostle Paul to a New Testament church: “Rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” What the apostle Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, expresses in this passage clearly defines the specific goals of this training:

1.For a Christian to become built up in Christ and strengthened (or established) in his or her faith. This series of courses includes instruction in practical Bible study techniques, Scripture memory skills, how to have an exciting devotional life, and how to be more effective in evangelism.

2.For a Christian to learn to overflow with gratitude in everyday life. The series will help an individual learn to experience and enjoy a stable and consistent Christian walk.

3.For a Christian to be taught (or instructed). This implies that training needs to take place before believers develop into a follower of Christ whose life can significantly impact in the lives of people around them.